What engine will go to the stars?

I must say that the problem of space distances increasingly asserting itself. Chemical rockets on its effectiveness has exhausted itself for the future. Even the nearest planets of the Solar system on them to fly extremely long. Nuclear space engines while not in orbit, but on paper. Ion on a large scale. The spacecraft with solar sails will be valid only within the Solar system.

What engine to fly to the stars and how? After all, even with a nuclear engine will take flight for decades and centuries! Why? Because, according to theories, it is impossible to exceed the speed of light. And by estimations of astronomers, the nearest star to Earth with exoplanets (a planet similar to earth) is at a distance of 13 light years.

It is about exoplanet Kapteyn b, which is presumably suitable for life. For those who do not know: for light year, the astronomers believe the distance that a beam of light passes in our earth year at the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. Other discovered exoplanets: Gliese 832c (16 light years), Gliese 667 Cc (22,7 light years), Kepler 186f (500 light years), Kepler 62f (1200 light years). But on a normal ship flight to the nearest star to us (alpha and Proxima Centauri – the distance in four and a half light years) will take time-75 thousand years. Of course, not light, but ordinary, earthly years.

On Seemliest creatures that when adverse conditions fall into a prolonged hibernation. There is a famous case in Yakutia found at great depths frozen in the ice of Triton. If we take into account the fact that the eternal Yakutsk permafrost for thousands of years, it turns out that newt was the same age. But as soon as frozen through the Triton to thaw in warm water in a basin, he came to life and swam. So not by chance was offered during the flight the cosmonauts to enter in a suspended animation state, and then unfreeze. Well, it was a proposal for the change of generations in the course of the flight in the spaceship. But all the rest against the value of the information obtained and delivered to the Earth after centuries.

It is clear that when flying to other worlds need the engine, providing the duration of travel in weeks or months. Is it possible to create in the future?

The earliest mention of warp-engine – 1966, “Star trek” Gene Roddenberry. The second mention of the engine that compresses space and time, relates to the 90-th years of the last century. It was then that physicist Harold white drew attention to the scientific work physicist Miguel Alcubierre offered the tip of the pen mechanism to the curvature of space-time in front and behind a spacecraft. Food for thought scientists Alcubierre gave in his report “Warp-drive: Hyper-fast travel within General relativity”. To lead the reader into the wilds of space mathematics, I will say two words: white counted Alcubierre calculations and found errors in them. Turned out (still in theory) that such an engine can be created.

After that in Houston NASA discovered a powerful “brain” center, utilizing more than one hundred scientists. What are the results? While information is seeping poorly, but something is known.

Took place not so long ago conference “100 Year Starship”, the highlight of which was a presentation by Harold white. They created an experimental setup with two powerful lasers that simulate the warp-engine. More precisely they mimic the creation of negative energy, which is compressed and space-time. Any way to fix the compression devices is not yet possible. But according to white it supposedly exists. I do not cut there funds?

Nevertheless, NASA continues to Fund the project. Because sometimes even the most unreal, fantastic, if not crazy ideas be after a while quite real inventions. Examples of lead or not?

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