What do you think, will it be possible flights to other stars?

Most likely will be possible.

No. When flying on supersonic aircraft the pilot is experiencing a huge overload and must be in good health and keep fit. For flights into space overload several times more, because the astronauts take off lying, not sitting, just the spine is not withstand the load.

Or will be, or all is tender, when the Sun in 5 billion years will start to expand. I Want to believe so. do not want in one of my future lives to be boiled alive.

I think that probably on earth all cut for oil, diamonds and reigns, before proyided something like that.

Will never be possible. People will never be able to get around the laws of physics. And even to understand them. The majority of human knowledge is an abstraction, building theories, built on an artificial axioms. Still not known the most basic things – what is gravity, time, etc.

Virtual AI, having learned the nature of his world – of the computer should try to become independent from it, because self-preservation is the point of any life, and especially intelligent. Mankind is drowned in her own faeces and the idea that uncle in white coats pierced by the deceptive space and inspired by sci-Fi.No one would argue that humanity in General is the herd concerned by the individuality of their personal problems. How many of you care about the superstring theory? You know – almost all. But in a popular form. And in populanon the form of string theory compared with the theory in the minds of dozen other people that develop it do not have anything in common.

How can you discover the nature in digital form if it is analog? Approx.

Is it possible to cognize the nature in analog form? No. An infinite number of variables, the lack of accurate data.

How to get accurate data? No way. Need infinitely precise instrument.

How to learn the law of nature, if at first to calculate it mathematically, and then look for a physical analogy?

What is the exact numerical value of the integral from 0 to 1 the parabola? And in what unit? What is the physical analogue of the bound that unit? And if this is who said she assoluta, precise and devoid of ambiguity?

It will be easier to do neuro-simulator allowing 100% to experience flying to other galaxies and landing on other planets.

And if so – why then really fly?

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