Two Muscovites have got in shorts-sheet of applicants for a flight to Mars

Two Muscovites may well go to Mars. However, only after nine years. And in case of successful realization of the international project Mars One. Candidates for the expedition were selected around the world, and now they will be ready to fly to the eyes of billions of spectators.

For her, it seems, nothing is impossible. It conquers the caves and the mountains, descends into the water and in free flight, as a bird soars above the ground. However, psychologist and fitness trainer Catherine thinks Elias is only the stages of the path. Into space. To Mars. She’s seriously going to be among the first inhabitants of the red planet.

Fascinated fantastic novels, and Bradbury, Strugatsky, the journalist Anastasia Stepanova on distant planets, too, dream of a lifetime. After work in a hurry for courses in basic space Sciences. And even spent two weeks in the desert, in conditions resembling Martian.

Such take in cosmonauts. Anastasia and Ekaterina participating in the project MarsOne. Its creators two years ago announced, Mars will finally have a life. Will founded the settlement of earthlings. The program is already painted. In 2018 the Red planet will go first lander with robots that actually build the whole city. And in 2024 there will fly.

The crews to Mars, four astronauts will be sent every two years. That’s only on Samabuddhi the Martians won’t come back. Girls it’s really not scary.

This mysterious Red planet for many a long time already do not give rest. And not only writers of fiction. That and “on Mars will be Apple blossom” sang back in the sixties of the last century. And it almost flew! Legendary Queens and the planned construction of an interplanetary ship, and an expedition to Mars, of course, welcome back. Developed even the rocket H-1.

The Queen project was never realized. But the idea stuck in their heads, despite the fact that over the years on the red planet learned a lot. Do not inspire optimism.

Though Mars is the most habitable planet in our Solar system after the Earth, but to survive it is practically impossible. Low pressure. The almost complete absence of oxygen in atmosphere, mainly carbon dioxide. The contrasts of temperature at the pole minus 160, on the equator – plus twenty. And even the strongest sand storms.

How exactly will cope with these challenges, the Mars One project is not specified. The project is a private, financially it is supported by several companies. As for the Russian cosmonauts take it to put it mildly skeptical. I doubt that in nine years there will be rockets, allowing there to fly. Yes, and dangers enough.

And how to survive – physically and psychologically – that at least seven flights? Such experiments, however, were. Valery Polyakov spent 437 days in space. And the crew of Mars-500 in a confined space and all was 520 days. Six volunteers simulated a flight in and out on the Red planet.

And, like, extreme, weightlessness and radiation. But not without problems. There were conflicts, and depression. For Chinese astronaut personal tragedy, for example, was European food. In General, I became convinced – in these flights, there are no trifles.

From wanting to live on Mars, however, there is no rebound. Of two hundred thousand applicants, the organizers selected a hundred now. Muscovite Anastasia and Ekaterina is one of them. Waiting, to start the real workout and the next round. The project is left twenty-four people. They will have eight years to turn into a universal soldier. Live. And even if the red planet they will not fly, Mars One has the potential to earn cosmic ratings as a TV show.

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