The virtual space Museum


The future of cosmonautics is determined by the level of training space and related industries: scientists, engineers, and skilled workers. The light of the challenges, real opportunities, interests and prospects of development of the Moscow region state technological University, partnerships with educational institutions and enterprises of space industry of the city, the region, near and far abroad, youth interest in outer space, in the framework of the scientific-educational cluster in the city of Korolev is created m the space use “the Road to the stars”.

Among us are people directly involved in the development of space exploration has historical documents and materials that you want to perpetuate that is one of the main tasks of the virtual Museum. One of the solutions to the problems of staffing and space scientific-industrial complex is the introduction of vocational guidance in the early stages of formation of personality in the activities of institutions of General education aimed at further education in colleges and universities that prepare professionals to work in the space industry, the intensification of the process of scientific and educational training for youth, early engagement of youth to research and design activities. The provision of relevant activities requires the widespread adoption of information and space technologies in the educational process, osushestvlyaetsya General and special education, colleges space profile and other educational institutions, and, primarily, information and methodological support of teachers training institutions in the development of space technologies. Virtual Museum of evolving as the information-methodical and coordination center for historic preservation. The education of children and youth of different age groups. The joint solution of scientific-technical, situational, and philosophical problems of evolution on Earth and space exploration.

The purpose of the establishment of the virtual Museum: promoting education, upbringing, leisure time and students, others interested in the history and heritage of space exploration entities, improvement of education and culture, the formation of aesthetic views, the development and spiritual needs, professional orientation, involvement of youth in higher education institution located in Korolev, Moscow region state technological University and enterprises of rocket and space industry.

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