The order of the planets

Not so long ago such a statement would cause an uproar in any self-respecting astrophysicist and most likely, it ended in the usual enumeration of the several variants of the origin of our Solar system. Today, however, a number of researchers not only did not reject this version and think its main. What is the reason? We will try to understand.

It all started with sightings NASA space Observatory named “Kepler”. The satellite was launched in 2009, and in 2020 due to the loss of orientation in space failed. The Observatory was equipped with incredibly sensitive Photometer and specially designed to search for exoplanets, i.e. planets outside our Solar system like Earth. The ability of the apparatus to observe more than 100,000 stars at the same time very quickly gave the opportunity for scientists to get incredible data about other Solar systems.

In early 2010 the Observatory was discovered planetary system Kepler-33. The star Kepler-33, located in the constellation of Cygnus, was bigger than our Sun, and planets revolving around it, was very close to the parent star. But the main issues scientists have not even caused by these factors, and the fact that almost all 5 planets were located according to the strict order of size, i.e. the size of the planets decreases as the distance from the star. Researchers initially attributed this observation to isklyucheniya rules, as in our own Solar system the planets are arranged randomly and it is considered the norm, but further work of the Observatory categorically changed the opinion of many of them.

The fact is that as you learn more 146 star systems, which provided Kepler found that each planet revolve around the sun in the same manner as in the system Kepler-33. That is, according to these observations, the Solar system with the planet Earth is the exception rather than the rule, not the standard. After all, in our Solar system closer to the Sun are small planets like mercury, Venus and Earth, and the largest Jupiter and Saturn are located in the middle. These facts have prompted many scientists to think about the artificial origin of the Solar system.

The planets and the Moon are focused on the Ground

As you explore the Solar system researchers have been made a number of rather strange conclusions. Despite the fact that the rotation of all planets around the Sun, it turned out that all of them are configured in a special way to the Ground. So mercury is very moving synchronously with the Earth and rises again to 116 on one line with the Earth and the Sun and, interestingly, is always facing Earth the same party.

Similarly behaves and Venus – once in 584 days it is close to the Ground at point-blank range, but again, is it our planet is always the same side. Not to mention the fact that this planet rotates counterclockwise, unlike other explanations of this phenomenon are still not found.

Planet in our Solar system able to rotate in different planes, unlike other planetary systems that Kepler has discovered where the exoplanets are flying almost in the same plane and the angle of inclination of the orbit to this plane does not exceed one degree. After all, if we assume that some alien Kepler will observe our Sun and monitor our planets by their transits, he will lose many primarily of mercury and Venus.

It is worth mentioning the only natural satellite of the Earth, whose name is Moon. Satellite is very different from the satellites of other planets of the Solar system. The vast majority of satellites have a very small size compared to the parent planet. The moon is only 6 times smaller than Earth in diameter. So it became clear that the Earth’s surface visible diameter of the moon coincides with the visible diameter of the Sun. But the laws of mechanics governing the interaction between the Earth and the moon-established so precisely that, despite the fact that the Moon rotates on its axis, it always faces the Earth the same side, ie the rotation of the moon around the Earth and around its own axis is synchronized. Is it possible that the synchronization of such a level was formed as a result of natural processes?

Jupiter and Saturn are the defenders of the Earth

When in July 2009 by Australian astronomer Anthony Wesley, who devoted his life to the study of Jupiter, discovered that the planet was hit by an object the size of Earth, it caused an incredible stir among scientists. Astronomers were looking with fear at how the South pole of Jupiter spreads the odd black spot. Then suggested that this is a huge comet or asteroid. If something similar happened on Earth – would have died hundreds of millions of people.

This is not the only case, when Jupiter gets in the way of comets. A similar phenomenon was observed in 1994 when fragments of comet Chumacero-levy crashed into the giant’s atmosphere at a speed of 64 km/s, causing an incredibly powerful indignation of the cloud cover. Nathan Kaib, scientist-astronomer from Washington University said on this occasion that the Earth from collisions with comets and asteroids defend the gravitational field of the gas giant planets of Saturn and Jupiter and for hundreds of millions of years they act as powerful shields, not missing to our planet dangerous space objects.

According to data provided by the scientist to the newspaper “daily Telegraph” powerful gravitational fields are just on the way of the majority of the route of most large comets that emerge from the so-called Oort Cloud. It turns out that without the protection of these two giants of the Earth would have become the object of constant bombing, but at the moment earthlings are protected. Is it possible that such a defense – just a factor of chance.

Question or statement

So, the solar system created artificially – question or statement? Of course, at this stage, and probably for thousands of years this theme will be an issue. Because, the knowledge of man is always based on already proposed a supply of scientific discovery and, often, scientists owning, in their opinion, immutable and indestructible base on fact are the real conservatives of science.

But let’s look at the issue from the other side. Throughout the history of mankind on Earth and there are millions of people for whom an artificial origin of our solar system is not an issue. This is a religious people. Since ancient times, people believed in what he and the world in which he lives and is created. The image of God often looks different, depending on the religious orientation of the population a portion of our planet, but it is everywhere. The very existence of this image already suggests that in human consciousness and understanding from the day of its occurrence laid down certain immutable truth, which is the basis of behavior and morality, i.e. that what the basis of all intellectual and scientific activity of man.

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