Solar system

We fly up to the Sun

General idea: we arrived in the Solar system and the astronomical data reported by us correspond to the structure of this system, which is clear from the parameters of the Landing.

But what is this system?

Indeed, the Solar system looks specially designed: minor planets, suitable for life, under the guise of giants, attracting asteroids and comets.

If so, then the planet must be artificial.

We know nothing about them, except the Land on which the simulacra are.

Can a Land be so that we can see with our own eyes?

Alas, in theory it is impossible.

The earth rotates and each body acts on the centrifugal force. The total vector of this force and of gravity is directed to the equator:

On solid surfaces the friction force is quite compensates for this small vector. But in the ocean nothing can keep water from draining to the equator.

the ball was in equilibrium, it is always in the direction to the equator should see improvement areas.

If dvijeniy the equator each successive point of the curve is higher than the previous one, the surface curvature is negative. Hollow sphere!

Alas, the compression does not save. It’s not talking about negative curvature, but simply about the reduction of force leading to the equator.

On our artifact are not affected. Orthogonal to the centrifugal force almost equal in magnitude, so the resulting vector is always offset by normal reaction of the support.

Why is the Gulf stream and similar currents?

It would seem that heat Europe can a simple turn of the switch.

But no, a number of sevcov their “rollers” form a “rolling mill”, for pushing in the right direction:

Take a look at the world trends:

Seen as cold polar currents “fall down” to the equator and from the equator are warm currents.

Cold flow – tighter. So it may well go to the equator through the less dense medium. But the warm current can not go to the pole through a more dense medium. Therefore, all these currents are organized specifically in the likeness of the Gulf stream to suck water from the equator.


Exclusively for stabilization of the ecological community.

As already noted, the antediluvian excess Subpolar waters came to the equator, and it was followed by groundwater.

Here for their restoration work and warm currents.

Now by the irregular occurrence of El niño: it is the accumulation of the returning water to the equator. For several years it was distilled to the poles, and this is enough for another decade or two.

So we can say definitely: hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the Earth is run by sesi, as our artifact.

But if so, it is not excluded that the Earth in the Solar system – the same artifact, as well as ours. A model project.

And our mission is to take away from the invaders (as advertised reptiles?) property Empire.

How to get inside the artifact? Apparently, there are secret codes to disable protection.

In any case – the Earth is a sanatorium for recreation and should not have serious military corps.

But the control center of the system with the main military garrison – the Phaeton – had to destroy. However, it could destroy invaders that turned Mars into your strong point (that’s why it was cancelled landing on Mars in 1932).

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