On the Day of cosmonautics

April 12 (cosmonautics Day) is one of the outstanding dates in the history of the world. It is in this auspicious day super booster successfully launched into orbit the first ever space ship “Vostok-1” with the first cosmonaut, a citizen of the Soviet Union, Yuri Gagarin.

“Man is ever weary of the country in which he lived, and tried his best to push. The desire for the Unknown, to the knowledge of what was outside of his native place — the home, the field, the planet has always been one of his most powerful feelings”.

Cosmonautics day — a memorable date, celebrated on April 12, installed to commemorate the first manned flight into space, it is a celebration of the human mind, of intelligence.

Unknown to the mankind was Space. But in 1957 changed everything. “The beginning of the Space age marked by the launch on 4 October 1957 the first Soviet artificial satellite of the Earth. News of the launch of the satellite inscribed in Golden letters in history”.

“The space age… With these words, the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth are related some concrete representation”. Meanwhile, the history of Space exploration is to our eyes.

At the cradle of Russian cosmonautics stood Tsiolkovsky. It is called the “father of Russian cosmonautics”. “Tsiolkovsky— the founder of the theory of interplanetary travel; the scientist who first studied the question about launch an artificial Earth satellite, has put forward a number of hypotheses, which find application in rocket production. Konstantin Eduardovich was the first ideologist and the theorist of human exploration of outer space. His works greatly contributed to the development of rocket and space technology in the USSR and other countries. The name is called the Tsiolkovsky crater on the moon”.

“Such genius Tsiolkovsky, were able to see far ahead. For them, the picture of cosmic future of humanity stood in the main parts quite clearly. And these were not fairy dreams, and scientific forecasting. The main idea of Tsiolkovsky was the fact that the Earth is just the cradle of mankind and home to him must be immense Space”.

“Modern society really looks like a baby. It is not yet quite know all the corners of his cradle — unsubdued, untapped, considerable expanses of land and enormous Blue continent. But now, foreseeing the future, humanity, like the infant, stretches to the outside, while like is not available. It even makes a determined attempt to step over the edge of the cradle and enter the vast, seeming at first to strangers, the outside world”.

“Space is the hope of mankind, is the most advanced equipment, the most precise machines and tools, the best materials, the most advanced technology, newest achievements of science”.

Test your knowledge about space achievements, it is possible by answering the questions posted here . The quiz questions includes a detailed answer.

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