NASA has selected six volunteers for an experiment to simulate a flight to Mars

A scene from the upcoming film “the Martian”.

In the United States selected an international team of scientists from six volunteers to participate in a new experiment simulating conditions on Mars. Within 365 days they will be completely isolated from the outside world on the slopes of a sleeping volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii, which resembles the landscape of the red planet.

This is the fourth such experiment in 2020. The first two groups was in seclusion in self-contained complex in Hawaii for four months, the third managed to survive in isolation for up to twice as long – eight months. New group aims to raise the bar, “duration of survival” in the conditions simulating the Martian, to a new level. By the way, the experiment begins next week – August 28.

“The longer becomes each mission, the better we understand what are the risks from space travel,” said scientific project Manager Kim Binsted.

The organizers of the experiment hope that it will help to prepare the first manned Martian mission, which, according to estimates of NASA, will take place in 2030-ies.

In glaswachsperlen a task of studying medical and psychological issues facing the crew of the spaceship. Scientists will monitor the participants of the experiment with the help of established in complex cameras and various sensors, mounted on the body scientists. Of course, for reasons of clarity are a lot of rules. So, go get some air will be possible only in a space suit.

Six volunteers (three men and as many women aged up to 30 years) were selected by a special competition Commission. In the process it had reviewed several hundred applications from around the world. The crew commander was the American Carmel Johnson, dealing with the problems of soil science and ecology in Montana. Her company in this “Martian expedition” will be a physicist, engineer, biologist, physician and architect, who dream about the colonization of Mars.

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