In two years, tourists will fly into space on a balloon

Those who have always dreamed to visit space and go on an unforgettable journey that may be just once in your life, now have the opportunity to experience a new miracle of technology: a high tech space balloon .

The Spanish company plans within the next two years to offer services in transportation of passengers over long distances, which will significantly reduce flight time.

Space balloon ?bloon? – the idea of the entrepreneur Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales. the head of the company Zero2Infinity from Barcelona.

During the flight passengers will have the opportunity to observe the fantastic scenery of our planet. will experience weightlessness and will be able to eat, if you wish. Space tourists will travel along the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere in a special capsule, which seats 6 people – 4 passengers and 2 pilots .

The developers of the new vehicle say that the flight will be very quiet and smooth, and the passengers will have the unique opportunity to see the sun and the stars simultaneously. it is impossible to observe, being on the surface of the Earth.

Russian traveller Artemy Lebedev. which is one of the few people who have visited all countries of the planet, have already applied for the flight to near space. Commercial flights are planned to open in 2015. but the first such flights obogatitelej: 4 passengers in total will have to put 95 thousand pounds sterling.

The flight will be flying on the plane except that some time the passengers will experience weightlessness and will be able to literally swim in the cockpit. Everything will be adapted to the individual needs of passengers. The cabin will be divided into sections, if someone wants to retire, the menu will also be invited on the basis of individual preferences.

The company Zero2Infinity is developing technologies that allow such flights to near-space with the greatest benefit and with zero impact on the environment. Currently the company offers flights for scientific purposes to researchers, but later to fly into space will be able to attend and even with families .

Now the company is testing new equipment and raises funds for the project.

Travel on a balloon to near space

– Balloons (hot air balloons) will climb from the airport of Cordoba . Spain, although the origin is still under discussion.

– To rise to a height of 36 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, will take about 1 hour .

– Balloon with a passenger capsule about 2 hours will be at the height of twice the maximum height at which flying supersonic aircraft “Concorde” .

– To reduce from the balloon will be produced gas, as is the case with ordinary balloons.

– Passenger capsule would separate from the balloon and release the parachute that will allow passengers for a short time ( about 2 minutes ) to feel the free fall.

– Reduction from the maximum height will take about 40 minutes .

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