In the United States launched an experiment to simulate a flight to Mars with a length of 365 days.

The international team of young scientists, selected by competition to participate in this project, included three men and three women.

The crew commander was the American Carmel Johnson, dealing with the problems of soil science and ecology in Montana. Along with it, experiment, physicist, engineer, biologist, physician and architect, who dreams to design a permanent residential complex on Mars.

Experts from NASA and the University of Hawaii expect that the experiment will help to prepare the first manned flight to Mars, which the space Agency, the U.S. hopes to accomplish in 2030-ies. E

experts plan to examine the medical and psychological issues that may face the crew of the ship departing on a long journey into deep space. To this end, the participants of the experiment in Hawaii will have to implement a fairly complex program of scientific researches, being under constant surveillance. Scientists will monitor the subjects using cameras installed inside the complex, and various sensors mounted on their body.

The two-storey building, which during the year will be their permanent home, is at a height of 2.6 kilometres above sea level. It has the shape of a dome with a height of 7 meters and a diameter of 12 meters. On the ground floor there is scientific laboratorii utility room, the second small bedrooms.

Out of six participants of the program will be able to roughly once a week in spacesuits, and they have to eat only “space” – frozen, freeze-dried and canned – food. In addition, they will have a very economical use of water and will receive only limited access to the Internet.

From 2020 this will be the fourth team of volunteers, condemning himself to imprisonment in the Autonomous complex in Hawaii.

The first two groups have lived there for four months, the third lasted twice as long. “Every time we have a better understanding of what are the risks from long-term space travel,” said scientific project Manager Kim Binsted. NASA already spent on this program to $1.2 million in the next financial year intends to spend another million.

Six volunteers from Russia, France, Italy and China was in complete isolation for 520 days – so much is expected the flight to Mars and back. The project was carried out in the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS, with the participation of the European space Agency.

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