In Moscow ended the first flight to Mars is a Young Innovative Russia

In the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS completed an experiment “Mars 500” simulation of a flight to Mars. A crew of six people for 520 days spent in the model space ship in as close as possible to those that are waiting for the participants of the expedition real.

The program of the experiment was divided into three stages: 240-day power flights to Mars, a 30-day landing on the planet’s surface and 240-daily returning to Earth. During this time the crew managed to run 106 scientific experiments in the field of clinical medicine, physiology, Microbiology, laboratory diagnostics and health care products.

The third, final, stage of the “Mars 500” was carried out from June 2010 to November 2011 exactly 520 days (the previous two phases lasted 14 days and 105). In the period from 12 to 23 February, three members of the crew “were on Mars.” They made special exits in the Martian module, where he studied the “Martian” soil, put different kinds of experiments. During the release was simulated the situation when one of the men “broke” his arm.

The crew included three Russians – Alexey Sitev commander, medical doctor Sukhrob Kamolov and Alexander Smoleevsky researcher – and three foreigners – francuzami Charles (flight engineer), the Italian Diego Urbina (researcher) and Chinese Wang Yue (researcher).

The main goal of the experiment was to study the psychological aspects of long duration space flights or simply put – to make for 520 days of monotonous labor in complete isolation crew members are not crazy and not dead from boredom. Insulation in parallel experiments on monkeys, experiments were conducted to study the effects of space radiation on living organisms. It is believed that radiation can be a major hazard during the flight to Mars.

In the Russian Federal space Agency has already stated that it will continue the experiment. And now he will be on the International space station. And the flight to Mars is planned to start in 2030-ies.

“The international crew of “Mars-500″ 520-day experiment is completed. The program is fully implemented. All healthy,” reported the arrival of Alex Sitev, the commander of the crew of “Mars-500”.

On a 250-day participants have already imitated a landing on Mars. On the sand in heavy spacesuits walked three times

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