In 2016 will experience the ship for space tourists

In the second quarter of 2016 the American company XCOR plans to test the first of three versions of the new spacecraft, the Lynx Mk.1, designed for space travel tourists.

The first version of the Lynx Mk.1

The test vehicle will be held in the Mojave desert, where he will specially prepare a runway. During the flight test, the vehicle will gradually rise to a height of 60,9 thousands of meters. After the tests, the ship used for the training of pilots.

The second version of the spaceship

A second version of the spaceship Lynx Mk.2 will build together a company XCOR and Space Florida at the Kennedy Space center. The ship is designed to lift to a height of up to 100 thousand meters and is designed for four Shuttle flights in a day. At the maximum height of tourists in the next 4 minutes will be able to experience weightlessness and see through the portholes round the Earth.

Both versions provide rocket motors of the XR-5K18 with pump fuel and oxidizer. In the role of fuel will be kerosene, oxidizer is liquid oxygen. The second version of the ship planned a lighter body and a smaller volume tank for ginkgobiloba.

The third version will put in orbit satellites

The third version of the spacecraft, the Lynx Mk.3 in addition to the transportation of tourists will put in orbit satellites. They will be attached in the nose of the glider.

All versions of the spacecraft designed to take-off and landing on a terrestrial airport.

Space tourists

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At this point in the framework of the Russian programme for flights to the ISS space visited seven space tourists. Each of them flying at a cost of millions of dollars. One of the tourists flew to the ISS twice. The last flight occurred in 2009. After that, flights were temporarily suspended because the space station is not designed for the presence of tourists.

Spaceship Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two exploded in the air, the pilot is dead. Space tourism is canceled.

Of course, space travel involves certain inherent risks. In October 2014, the ship is SpaceShip Two Virgin Galactic company crashed during a test flight, killing one pilot, co-pilot suffered serious injuries. But the company was able to recover from this loss and preparing for new test flight.

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