First test flight of the balloon

Company World View Enterprises located in the U.S. state of Arizona, announced the successful completion of the first small-scale test flight of a balloon, equipped with a special capsule that is being developed for space tourists could “float” on a 32-km altitude above the Earth’s surface.

Last Tuesday, 24 June 2014, the company World View Enterprises in Tucson, said reduced-scale copy of the balloon was launched last week from Roswell (new Mexico). According to the President of the company Jane Poynter, developed the balloon broke the world record, as in the stratosphere was raised payload, the mass of which is 1/10 by weight of the intended load full-scale model of the balloon.

Jane Poynter could not hide his joy at the results of the test flight, preparation and conduct of which until yesterday was kept a closely guarded secret.

For the test flight balloon was used, similar to that which the Austrian Felix Baumgartner was used to set a world record, which consisted of lifting to a height of 32 km above the Earth’s surface.

According to Poynter, the flight, which was conducted last week, was perving which all components were tested together. In particular, they used the balloon, the diameter of which is three times smaller than the diameter of the balloon, which is planned to be used for passenger travel “transportation”.

The company will in no way denies its intentions to 2016 to organize regular flights into the stratosphere. According to Poynter, this “journey” will cost about 75 thousand dollars.

It is planned that the balloons will be equipped with a special capsule, designed for six passengers and two crew members. The balloons will lift a capsule to a height of 32 kilometers. Tourists for about 2 hours soar into the stratosphere, before the balloon will begin to decline.

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