Discovered the largest known planets

The biggest of all open still planets astronomers found in the constellation of Hercules.

Space body, named TrES-4, is drawn around the star GSC02620-00648, remote from the Earth at a distance of 1435 light-years. A new extrasolar planet about 70% larger size than Jupiter, but has a much smaller mass, which indicates its extremely low density. In addition, the object is deleted only 7 million kilometers from its star, making its surface extremely hot, over 1300 degrees Celsius.

Around its star turns the planet every 3.55 days, you one earth week to two years, listed on TrES-4. Because of the relatively weak gravity TrES-4, probably permanently loses a part of the upper layer of its atmosphere, which stretches behind the planet in the form of a curved tail resembling a comet.

“This is the largest of all known exoplanets, says lead researcher George Mandushev from the Lowell Observatory. It is so large that using existing scientific models to superhot giant planets its size is quite difficult to describe.

“We do not get tired to wonder how large can be these gigantic planet – governtments O’donovan, a graduate astronomy Department California Institute of technology, which manages one involved in the project TrES telescopes. But if we can explain the sizes of these bloated giants, it may help us to better understand the planets in our own Solar system and its formation.”

The size of TrES-4 is defined using a method that is used, following the passage of the planet between its star and the Earth: at this point there is a slight drop in the brightness of stars.

“TrES-4 blocks about 1% of the light stars, explains Dr. Mandushev. – With our telescopes and our methods we can measure this tiny change in brightness and to determine the presence of the planet.”

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