Changes in the Solar system

The solar system is entering a new era

From the sun to the Earth

Let’s start with the Sun. According to astrophysicists, since 1901 the intensity of the magnetic field lights grew by 230 percent. Recently, media reported about a powerful polar auroras in areas where such phenomena are usually not observed.

By the way, remember that the impact of magnetic storms on human health are talking fifteen or twenty years ago, no more. Maybe the impact just wasn’t so noticeable…

On mercury were discovered in polar ice and a powerful magnetic field. On Venus in less than 40 years on two and a half thousand per cent increase in the brightness of the Aurora. Also, there have been significant global changes of the atmosphere. Over the past decade more than 200 per cent increase in the brightness of the cloud of plasma surrounding Jupiter.

On Saturn for the last 30 years there has been a significant decrease in the rate in the Equatorial flows. In addition, increased x-ray radiation coming from the planet’s equator.

Uranium, previously famous for a very relaxed atmosphere, increased cloud activity, there have been changes in brightness… And on Neptune atmospheric brightness increased by 40 percent. On Pluto by 300 per cent increase in atmospheric pressure. However, he markedly withdrew from the Sun…

On Mars recently occurring climatic changes. Red planet oovaut severe storms,observed the melting of the polar ice. The researchers believe that it comes to global warming.

As for the moon, scientists believe that our natural satellite has intensified the atmosphere. In particular, at a height of 6000 kilometers above the surface have any “thick” layer of sodium. Why?

Let’s move to our home mother Earth. I think, nobody will argue with the fact that the weather around the world varies considerably. Even in Moscow has already begun flooding. This may be due to the change of the poles and the weakening of the magnetic field, experts say.

Another “alarming” fact — the amount of glowing plasma at the leading edge of the Solar system in a short period increased by 1000 percent.

Three versions of the causes of changes in the Solar system

And it’s not all global changes associated with the Solar system. But if they might be connected and what can cause them?

Versions several. One of them is the fact that the history of space observations is still not too large to make unambiguous conclusions about what the Solar system is something extraordinary. Perhaps it always been natural processes that caused the changes. And this is the norm. Just before, we had no possibility to trace them.

The second hypothesis is that the change process occurs in the Sun. And it certainly affects other objects… by the Way, this may not be the Sun, and the influence of some unknown cosmic energies.

The third version is completely apocalyptic in nature. It is based on the fact that the Sun is a giant cosmic body — wandering star or planet, and this approximation leads to fluctuations that influence all…

Nothing is eternal

Anyway, you can build many assumptions. However, who said that the Solar system must remain the same as at the dawn of its emergence? After all, she had quite a turbulent history. In particular, the Sun “stealing” planets, such as Sedna and other planetoids in the Kuiper belt… that is the conclusion recently reached by Jilkova Lucy and her colleagues from the Leiden Observatory (the Netherlands), interested in “wrong” orbits of icy celestial bodies, opened in 2003.

Computer modeling showed that four billion years ago to the young even the Sun can catch someone else’s star — 80 percent more massive than our star. The distance between them should be not less than 34 billion miles. But that was enough for the stars “took away” from each other rotating them around an ice planet. However, the final verdict can be drawn only by studying the composition of the planetoids “narodnosti”.

In General, there is no guarantee that everything in our system will remain as now. So the only way to keep the peace — relate to changes philosophically and not to panic.

Solar system
Solar system. Planets of the solar system Its center is a huge star called the Sun. It is the closest star that is billions of years gives us light and…

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Solar system
Solar system. Planets of the solar system Its center is a huge star called the Sun. It is the closest star that is billions of years gives us light and…

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