10 famous spacecraft in science fiction

We are not the passengers of the ship named “Earth”. We are his team.

Marshall McLuhan, canadian philosopher

What would happen if you put together all the fantastic ships, coined by science fiction of the 20th century, and a formula of a starship? Rusty titanium case with a sign “Millennium machine”, solar sail (and in the case of wind — solar paddles), the dark matter generator, and calico colored toilet paper, as well as managing all this mess Artificial Intelligence models Windows 2050 with delusions of grandeur and a pleasant female voice, counting down the time before the explosion of the ship’s reactor.

Oh Yes, it would be a good ship. One-legged cyborg-the boatswain, not parting with a jar of deuterium, would include the night side lights (so we don’t crash into someone at subluminal speed, and FTL — us), and the captain nervously poked a finger at the colorful buttons on the command panels of the bridge and shouted: “Where’s the lighter?”.

The topic of today’s article suggested: Korzhavin Julia — student from Moscow visiting our forum under the alias “Love”, and Nikolay Telesnin — schoolboy, known as “Cole”.

10. Platinum spleen

Wait, where in space there was a huge ripe Apple? And now it’s a plunger! A Cup of tea! The bin! Grandma’s glasses! Surprised sperm whale! Hell, when the ratio veroyatnostnaya to unity and this ship will be back to normal?

The shape of the ship from the recent film adaptation resembles a Cup of tea (the object of intense Brownian motion, which is convenient to model the principle of improbability).

Name . Golden Heart

General designer . Douglas Adams.

The port of registry . the series “a travel Guide “the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy”.

Similar ships . missing similar device amplifier likelihood of Trulia (Stanislaw LEM, “the Cyberiad”).

From the ship’s log:

Experimental ship stolen by the President of the Galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox. Its main element is the drive. Imagine that there is a fantastically small probability that any particle of matter suddenly appear out of place, but somewhere around alpha Centauri. The engine is the “heart of Gold” brings the vehicle to a state of infinite improbability, when he can be present in any form anywhere in the Universe, and instantly takes him exactly where I wish pilots.

Unfortunately, after improbability of flight, people become very confused and depressed, because while the engine is running, they can turn into a plush sofa, a nuclear warhead, fruit tart or a bowl of petunias. That is why for the sake of passenger comfort the cabin of the “Golden Heart” is almost completely isolated from the bike.

Why 10th place:

Because still somehow not on itself.

9. Hoist the periscope!

These submarines are not terrible depth charges. They are not able to sink. Watch them put on time — Moscow and the crew is proud of Russia and periodically gives the enemy a light.

Name . Herodotus (type X-cruiser)

General designer . Alexander Zorich.

The port of registry . trilogy “Tomorrow war”.

Similar ships . exterminator Strakha (Wing Commander 2), “Rebellious” (the series “Star trek”), the spaceship of Slartibartfast (Douglas Adams, “Life, the universe and everything”).

From the ship’s log:

“Yes!” — told us Sasha Zorich. “I, of course, a patriot, but a secret Russian cruiser will be named “Herodotus”. This newest battle ship the 27th century can “hang” in the subspace (X-matrix), and domestic “quality” of the Assembly is compensated by the talent of our engineers able to repair any unit with the help of Kyle and chisel.

It is sad, but the title of the first in the history of the Russian space hybrid space ship and a submarine can’t pretend “Herodotus,” and the station “Mir”. The idea of subspace submarine it is hard to call original, but Russian writer Zorich played it so cool that its the X-cruiser can be put on a par with the most famous spaceships of science fiction world.

Why 9th place:

Why, in fact, future space must be occupied by a foreign ships? “X-cruiser” Alexander Zorich — Russian naughty “Chu!” the bourgeoisie arrogant and impudent aliens.

8. For fuck’s sake

The scariest thing in space combat Japanese spaceship. Even if you are able to confound him as an inexperienced apprentice, and to tear in pieces, like petals of cherry blossoms, drink sake and enjoy the victory is still not worth it. Be sure that the surviving samurai team together will make a Hara-Kiri, and with a scream of “Banzai!” will turn their dilapidated vessel in your flagship.

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